Why TransitNet?

As a layer of protection for investors, TransitNet’s off-chain title registry — the first of its kind — demonstrates proof of ownership of crypto assets regardless of where those assets are purchased, traded or stored.

When crypto is anonymous, that makes it hard to:

  • Prove it was yours in cases of loss or theft
  • Know whom you’re transacting with when you need to send or receive crypto
  • Use crypto for a financial transaction, such as collateral for a loan
  • Demonstrate ownership for legal purposes

TransitNet can help. We’re building the world’s first crypto title registry to let people establish title for their crypto wallets.

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Title Verification in Cryptocurrency

The blockchain is secure — and anonymous, meaning that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are bearer assets: whoever holds the private key is considered the rightful owner. This can make it extremely hard to demonstrate proof of ownership should a private key be lost or stolen.

So when you keep your crypto in a self-hosted wallet, it’s like keeping fiat cash in your physical wallet. It’s great for convenience and anonymity, but it also has drawbacks.

What Is a Title Registry?

Title is documentation that a person has the legal rights to a piece of property (like a building or plot of land) or an asset (like a vehicle or investment). Most people want to have a record of title for their most important assets, such as cryptocurrency.

Up until now, it’s been impossible to establish title on your crypto unless you hand it over to a custodian. But now, we’re offering crypto investors a new way to establish a secure and private record of title while still keeping control of their crypto.


TransitNet’s title registry is not the product of a single government or regulatory agency but rather of the efforts of a team of seasoned cryptocurrency experts who understand what the market needs.


Strong passwords, multi-factor authentication and other security measures still do not provide 100% protection against theft. As threats grow in frequency and complexity, investors need the most protection possible for their crypto assets.


Show proof of your crypto assets for transactions of any type. TransitNet’s title registry is not associated with any single exchange, and you can demonstrate proof of ownership as collateral or reserve for non-crypto financial transactions, such as for real estate and lending.

The Platform You Need for Your Crypto Assets

Establish Crypto Ownership

Prove ownership of your crypto assets without risking the sharing of a private key. This is useful not only when engaging in transactions, but also in the event of loss or theft.

Exchange Title Information

Exchange title information before sending or receiving crypto, adding an extra layer of security to identify who you are doing business with.

Monitor Wallet Movement

Monitor the movement in all of your linked wallets for visibility into whether your wallet has potentially been compromised.

Share Securely

Safely share crypto title for a range of applications, such as loan collateral and asset valuation.

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