The World’s First
Crypto Title Registry

Prove ownership, monitor assets, securely exchange, maintain records and more.

Our Title Registry Makes It Safer To Invest in and Transact

Security is still a barrier to the adoption of cryptocurrency, NFTs, Web3 and other decentralized, blockchain-based assets. Hacking and crypto theft are on the rise. Strong passwords, mobile authenticator apps, vaults and other security measures still do not provide 100% protection against theft or compromise.

This makes it extremely difficult to demonstrate proof of ownership should a private key be lost or stolen, or if you send crypto to the wrong party. If the ecosystem is going to realize its potential, supporting infrastructure is needed to ensure compliance and encourage mass adoption.

TransitNet’s Offchain Title Registry for Crypto Assets

At TransitNet, we’ve set out to create the first offchain title registry of record for digital wallets. We’ve created an additional layer of protection and recordkeeping for cryptocurrency and other blockchain-based assets.

TransitNet’s platform empowers individuals and businesses with the option to create a record of title for their crypto assets, giving them — and the industry at large — peace of mind.

Now You Can Invest & Transact Safely

TransitNet provides tools to verify the rightful ownership of cryptocurrency assets. With a third-party registry, individuals can better protect their crypto wallet because their assets are recorded in a title registry.

Prove Ownership of Digital Assets

Prove ownership of your crypto assets without risking your private key in transactions or in the event of loss or theft.

Securely Exchange Information

Privately exchange title information before sending or receiving crypto to identify who you are doing business with.

Monitor Crypto Assets

Monitor the movement of crypto in your linked wallets and get a notification whenever something moves.

Crypto for Financial Transactions

Safely share your crypto title with banks, lenders and other financial firms to demonstrate ownership.

Maintain a Record of Transactions

Document the identities of the parties involved in crypto transactions and donations, creating a reliable paper trail.

"TransitNet is going to open up the crypto world to millions of people because they’re going to trust it. It creates a public record."

– Robert A., TransitNet user

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TransitNet LLC provides tools to assist with title
verification for cryptocurrency.

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