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TransitNet makes it safer to transact with and hold crypto in self-hosted wallets by privately confirming title.


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Is Double-Edged

When crypto changes hands it’s recorded on a public blockchain but the parties involved remain anonymous. The anonymous nature of crypto can be beneficial in some circumstances but effectively renders crypto a bearer asset, posing limitations to businesses & individuals seeking to use it.

Bearer assets are prone to loss or theft, are difficult to insure, pose accounting challenges, and typically aren’t useful as collateral or proof of reserve. This is one of the factors limiting crypto’s wide-scale adoption.

Who Does TransitNet Help?

Crypto Investors

Businesses Taking Crypto

Custodians & Exchanges

Institutional Investors

Charities Accepting Crypto

Insurers & Auditors

Making Crypto Safer

TransitNet makes crypto safer and more useful. Our software enables the creation of verified title records, giving crypto investors proof of ownership in case of theft or loss. Users can also securely and privately share their ownership records with other parties before transactions, or to document their holdings for financing or other business purposes.

TransitNet also actively monitors users’ wallets to alert them if there’s a change in their balance. TransitNet’s software helps make it safer for anyone to own, transact, and hold crypto!

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Investing in TransitNet’s Community Funding Round

Investing in TransitNet’s Community Funding Round

A community funding round is when a company lets their customers, users, family, and friends invest alongside VCs and angel investors to own a part of the company. How Does It Work? A decade ago, no one could have ever conceptualized community funding. But now with...

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TransitNet’s Beta Product is Here!

TransitNet’s Beta Product is Here!

The big day has finally arrived -- today is the day we release our beta! 🎉 Thanks to alpha user feedback, we've already rolled out a number of enhancements. Now our beta version allows the documentation of ownership of crypto wallet addresses, making it safer to...

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