Transparency, Governance, and Accountability.

TransitNet is a platform to empower security token issuers with a robust set of tools for managing financial reporting, corporate governance, and title verification.

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What is TransitNet?

TransitNet empowers security token issuers with a robust set of tools for corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and financial reporting.

TransitNet leverages blockchain technology and protects crypto issuer data and digital assets through reporting and compliance tools that include financial updates, voting by token holders, and proof of token ownership. TransitNet is a platform to provide reporting and compliance for token holders and invited participants.

TransitNet Features

Stay up to date with comprehensive financial reports and announcements. Token issuers can track and receive timestamped read receipts notifications.

Grant the specific role-based permissions necessary needed to view, edit, upload and download documents and reports.

Empower investors with the ability to cast their votes on corporate governance matters.

Collected title information gives issuers a token holders register and investors get verification of ownership.

Convenient exchange and wallet integration makes it easy for investors to receive issuer materials.

Seamless 3rd party integrations to perform know your customer (KYC) paired with anti-money laundering (AML) verification systems.

How it Works

The TransitNet platform facilitates and improves the transparency of legally compliant securities offerings on the blockchain, using crypto tokens. Our network of services will be designed to lower transaction costs and further democratize and decentralize trustless equity ownership, especially for small investors.

1. Permissioned Access

Issuers publish financial reports and circulate governance materials securely via TransitNet

2. Access and Title

Investors receive materials via integrations with exchanges and wallets, or through service providers.

3. Communicate and Participate

Allows token holders to communicate and participate in corporate activities (e.g. voting, polling, dividend payouts, financial updates, board documents)

4. Activity Tracking

Verifies access and role and acts as a secure proxy between token investor and token issuer. Activity is written to the blockchain.

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