Transparency, Governance, and Accountability.

TransitNet provides tools to manage the title verification, financial reporting, and corporate governance issues associated with tokenized securities.

Our first product offering, the Asset Collision Identifier, lets service providers check for the collision of digital assets.

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What is TransitNet?

TransitNet seeks to empower the investors, issuers, and advisors of blockchain-based securities with a robust set of tools for title verification, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance.

Securities are coming to the blockchain and the benefits will be significant. But many of the post-issuance services provided by institutions in traditional finance still don't exist for crypto. That's why we're creating TransitNet.

The TransitNet Vision:

Enable the delivery of comprehensive financial reports and announcements to investors, while issuers can track and receive read-receipts.

Grant the specific role-based permissions necessary needed to view, edit, upload and download documents and reports.

Empower investors with the ability to cast their votes on corporate governance matters.

Collected title information gives issuers a token holders register, while investors get verification of ownership.

Convenient exchange and wallet integration makes it easy for investors to receive issuer materials.

Empower auditors, custodians, and other advisors to provide their services for the benefit of their clients and the marketplace.

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