TransitNet Asset Collision Product

TransitNet’s first product offering, the Asset Collision Identifier, was developed with the service community in mind. Identifying a known gap in the current crypto audit practices, TransitNet gives service providers the tools they need to continuously monitor for the collision (duplication) of digital assets. Working as a community, TransitNet enables auditors, administrators, and other service providers to identify wallet addresses that may be claimed by multiple managers, helping ensure that specific assets are not claimed by more than one fund.


Scans Across the Entire Industry

Auditors and administrators benefit from a secure tool that’s able to scan wallet addresses across the entire community, not just other clients of your own firm.


Preserves Privacy

The data entered in TransitNet never gets shared with outside parties. If a collision happens, the relevant parties are notified so they can communicate directly but client information remains confidential.


Continuous Monitoring

The Asset Collision Indicator constantly looks for matches of wallet addresses in our system. If anyone ever claims the same address in the future, we’ll notify both parties of the problem.


Time Saving

Setting up TransitNet is easy; users can be up and running in minutes, and after that scans will run automatically, saving auditors and other service providers dozens of man-hours and keeping down costs.

Grade Security

Secure Connection

All data passing through TransitNet, whether inbound or outbound, is connected using HTTPS.


Advanced Encryption

TransitNet encrypts all data at rest using the strongest block ciphers available.


Secure Architecture

Data is fragmented into multiple databases.


SOC 2 Certification

All TransitNet data is hosted on SOC 2 certified servers managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure the security and privacy of your data.

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